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At Blueberry Bay Farm, we specialize in growing unique pumpkin and winter squash varieties. 

We think pumpkins and winter squash are amazing fruit (almost as amazing as blueberries).  They are exciting to grow, come in all shapes and colors, and have endless possibilities in the kitchen.  But our farm is small and pumpkins need lots of space to grow. . .


For the past few years we have grown only the Dickenson pumpkin.  We have found that it is the perfect pumpkin for making beer, and have successfully sold our crop to a number of local craft and nano-breweries.


Contact us in September if you are a home or craft brewer, and would like to try brewing with the Dickenson pumpkin.


Blueberry Bay Farm, 38 Depot Road, Stratham, NH 03885
(603) 580-1612

Blueberry Bay Farm is a 2005 New Hampshire Farm of Distinction

All of our crops are grown “Naturally” – we use no synthesized chemicals

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